Description of Arborjet treatments.


Arborjet is revolutionary technology that delivers insecticide or nutrients directly into the trunk of the tree. By delivering a dose of nutrients or insecticide directly into the vascular tissue of the tree, we can achieve incredibly fast results and increase the possibility of saving the tree for the long term. If you suspect an insect or nutrient problem with your trees, don't hesitate to call CARR Pest today.


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Certified horticulture services for Florida grasses, trees, palms and shrubs.


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About Empire Zoysia Grass
With its impressive color intensity, Empire Zoysia grass is growing more and more popular for Florida lawns.


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About St. Augustine Grass


Florida Grasses

We are experts at diagnosing unhealthy lawns, trees and ornamentals. We know how to identify and treat many types of outdoor insect and plant diseases to  keep landscapes healthy and green.

  • Insect treatments

  • Fertilizer applications

  • Arborjet tree care too!


St. Augustine is a very common grass for Florida landscapes, but it does have its drawbacks. It is prone to insect and disease problems and it is not particularly drought tolerant. To keep St. Augustine grass healthy requires 4 to 6 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 square feet per year. A mowing height of 4 to 5 inches aids in keeping the root system from drying out too quickly in times of low rainfall or lack of irrigation. 
Insect control is essential in Florida horticulture, and CARR Pest Management gets rid of predatory insects that can damage plants, trees and grasses. Most important of all, we leave behind the beneficial insects that contribute to a healthy landscape. This step is critical, not only for the landscape itself, but for the environment in general.
A sound fertilization program gives your lawn, trees and shrubs a beautiful and lush look. Frequent fertilization at lower application rates is key to achieving success with landscape plants. Too much fertilizer is not only wasteful but could actually lead to harmful diseases and insect problems. 

CARR Pest Management's fertilization programs offer premium fertilizers containing quality micro nutrients for healthy Florida turf and landscapes.

CARR Pest horticulture services:
  • Diagnosis and treatments for diseased plants
  • Safe, eco-friendly methods
  • Slow release fertilization for trees and lawns
  • Palm fertilization by drenching
  • Soil analysis available 
  • Weed control
  • All types of insect  control
  • Grub treatments
  • Spiraling Whitefly treatments
  • Drenching of fire ant mounds
  • Certified Arborjet tree care too!